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Development of the foundation

Lesil Bevil was the founder of ORMX who stated the idea along with two friends. They had turned the concept and then the ORMX coin was registered which was handled by Orbit Max International Inc, USA.

They are also supported by the two more people who look for developing the abstraction layer and the ORMX core using the EVM and Bitcoin Core 0.13.

Governance structure

There is a lead cast who has a hand in the development of ORMX coins such as the founder of the business, the other is a marketing director, the third one is the finance director.

From the additional two one is a technical director who takes charge of the technical department whereas others seek to run the daily operations of the business and called operation directors. Thus there is 5 total board of directors in the business. …

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What are cryptocurrencies?

Before talking about Bitcoin the famous crypto giant firstly talked about the cryptocurrency and altcoin. A cryptocurrency is virtual decentralized money which is in the form of coins or tokens. While some cryptocurrencies already ventured with the physical world with credit cards and additional projects.

The word crypto refers to the creation or processing of digital currencies with the transactions beyond the decentralized system. The cryptocurrencies are ought to design so that it is free from the control of the government. …

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POS v.s. POW

Proof of stake (POS) specifies that the customers can add their transactions and verifies the coin he/she owns. Through the help of POS, bitcoin owners can transact the currencies. The POS was being developed as an alternative for the Proof of Work (POW). POW is an original arrangement of the algorithm in a blockchain that is used for verifying the transactions and add new blocks to the chain.

The requirement of energy is much higher by the POW while in the POS the percentage of coins decides the mining energy. …


Orbit Max

ORMX Token aims to disrupt the cryptotrading industry by lowering the barrier to creating algorithmic trading models.

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