Today was Bonkers
Steve Pankhurst

Dear Steve — a fasinating story, someone should make a film!! Seriously, I note you are an Angel Investor now; I wondered if you might be interested in meeting to discuss my “mothballed website, (not currently live) so a similar concept I guess but aimed at bringing sports-active and inactive people together. We spent 3 days in 2009 at The Outdoors Show (NEC) with a live version of the site and it was well received. (We spent 15k on the back-engine, in order to cope with a large influx of members AND on creating an interactive website AND 3D sports “buddies” to display at sports-centres, whilst linking back to the website)…

However, my full time job is/was in the Construction Industry which collapsed in 2009-10, so I had to focus upon the day job. However, I was offered 30k investment, in return for 70% equity, which obviously I declined! Roll forwards to today and work has improved, and so I am finally “re-visiting” the whole website, but clearly need a like minded person/people, who can understand “Buddies” and what it can deliver in terms of bringing people (buddies) together, and generally making more people active, etc. Indeed Sport-England offered to meet, (but this was during my difficult work days, which actually resulted in us moving to Dorset, with our then 2 young children, change jobs, etc)

So, now looking to meet Investors and I am about to re-register on AIN. However, it would be good to hear from you, particularly bearing in mind your experience — expertise with Friends Re-United, and now Liife. I can also be found on LinkedIn: Colin Tebb, (TEL:07469–155951).

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