Did Donald Trump Use Artificial Intelligence to Win the Election?
Trent Lapinski

Thank you for sharing.

It has been quite puzzling to me how this aspect somehow managed to stay under the radar of the public eye for so long which is seemingly struggling hard in trying to remain focused on everything at once.

So much so that I tried to share my thoughts here: https://medium.com/@orbitalelements/a-few-thoughts-on-the-headlines-d106e2b75ce0#.jgg34kwog

I would like to add something in regard to your text:

While “Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine” definitely sounds far more glamorously threatening than fine-tuning clickbait, targeting individuals with ads, mainly on social media platforms, with algorithms based on analyzing huge amounts of data, determining and increasing the likelihood of ads to resonate with individuals by collecting, analyzing, comparing and combining as many clickpaths as possible, i still believe that’s basically what they are doing.

Very simple, in principle, yet increasingly and indeed surprisingly good at making accurate predictions.

While the basic concept of clickbait hardly seems new to me and its predecessors probably have been around for thousands of years, it is very interesting indeed how quickly it became highly sophisticated.

The main factor seems to be the ability to make sense and use of increasingly huge amounts of data in combination with vast amounts of processing and networking capacities, and this is exactly what the investment management firm known as Renaissance Technologies LLC, as who’s CEO Robert Mercer is currently serving, has been very successfully developing and evolving since the 1980s. It has enabled them to become quite staggeringly successful on the international stock market.

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