Long before pen met parchment mosquitoes were used to coury secrets too clandestine to be spoken. Secrets of war & scandal, of usurpation & the forced acquisition of power, all commited to memory & hidden away inside the blood.

Mosquitoes didnt have the capacity to understand or even care about the secrets they scuttled about. All they knew was that there was a free meal presented before them, blind to the importance of what lay buried within.

Then the inevitable happened; a handfull of mosquitoes harboring vast troves of secret information gleaned the slightest silhouette of what they had ingested, turning couriers into histories blackmailing pioneers. Most modern techniques are still heavily derived of the mosquitoes tactics.

The insect soon lost all credibility in the areas of intelligence transference & after only a few of the parasites generations, most classified information was lost. However, according to some scholars, whole volumes of vanished history remain hidden away in Parasitic Archives deep in the hearts of marshes & wetlands.

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