All comets originate from the colossal Iridium home world far on the outer edge of the Milky Way. Easily large enough to swallow the orbit of Saturn, its core has attained enough material to begin the process of Solid Fusion, when heavy elements are forced together to make the even heavier elements of dark matter. This gives the core exotic properties that have yet to be understood.

Iridium Alpha, as it has been named, is orbited by six main sequence stars roughly half the size of the sun, each host to there own system of planets.

76 % of Iridium Alphas surface has been colonized by a species of stellar moss that feeds on the various electromagnetic frequencies spiraling off of the stars in orbit. As a waste product, the moss produces a gaseous carbon that acts as a nucleic base for many of the planets indigenous microorganisms & sustenance for the millions of comets that cruise inches over the face of the globe.

Nicknamed "Thinking Comets," they communicate through a series of intermittent burst of microwave radiation & reproduce by smashing themselves into the planets surface, flinging their "intelligent" offspring into the galaxy, destined one day to seed planets.

Its theorized that most galaxies have a gigantic stone system in their outer orbits, if not several, all titanic engines behind the seeding of life throughout the cosmos.

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