Time became another casualty in her patient war. Days bled into weeks as she waited, dagger in hand for the sun to creep back over the hillside. It wasn’t getting away from her this time.

It had risen two months prior, pulling itself across the sky with eyes full of a revenant solar venom, screaming at long stretches of land with the twin languages of heat & gravity. Sixty days of that kind of abuse left her with few options.

The dagger had been her mothers, who used it to take the lives of the first four suns. Its blade was formed from the residue of an evaporated singularity, while its handle was chiseled from the neon-ivory hide of a felled god.

The eastern horizon was still plastered in dark as noon stomped over the hands of her watch. The old star had gotten wise to her intentions. With only one option remaining she started walking towards the worlds edge, dagger spectering a savage reverse light. If the sun wouldn’t come to her, she’d hunt it down.

She wonderd if the new star she was going to pull out of the old suns corpse would be less troublesome.

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