Unlike most other domesticated organs, the eyes need extra training. For years or even decades into ones adult life, many peoples field of vision is governed by the Untrained Eye. Without tasks to constantly wrangle their curiosity, Untrained Eyes will wander, aimless in the lands of creation, gawking at whatever happens to pass before them.

In our younger years, the Untrained Eye is an often life saving tool, a feral adaptation to threats that constantly beset our early development. But as we age & develope into the operators & practitioners of societal structures, the Untrained Eye becomes more & more of a liability. With boredom taking larger parts of our conscious time, eyes succumb to what specialists call The Long Stare, which causes people to gaze inappropriately at random things. Better known as an Eye Problem, even the uninitiated can spot a case of Eye Problem.

Unfortunately, if an eye remains untrained into middle age, the only proper means of training requires removal & separation. Reeducation can take months, sometimes years to set, filtering images so that all attention can be harnessed & focused.

The term "a sight for sore eyes" originated from patients who were finally reunited with their vision, as they saw themselves through their own eyes, but from outside of their bodies. A strange sensation one woman described as "an out of body experience that doesnt take you anywhere."

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