5 Things You Didn’t Know About THE IRON DRUID CHRONICLES

Can you believe that The Iron Druid Chronicles is coming to an end with SCOURGED, released this month?

For all you hardcore Atticus fans out there, Kevin Hearne has five facts you might not know about the epically awesome Iron Druid series:

  1. There are goats and spleens mentioned at least once in every book because I think they’re funny. I would be endlessly entertained if someone wrote a college paper on the “caprine/spleen theme” woven throughout the series.
  2. The novellas and short stories I wrote to provide some historical backstory for Atticus or highlight some of the other characters in the series wound up becoming important to the ultimate resolution of the series. The errands that Atticus runs for Ogma in “The Chapel Perilous” and “The Eye of Horus,” for example, figure heavily at the end, and the events of “Cuddle Dungeon,” a story focused on Perun and Flidais, winds up affecting Atticus and Granuaile as well.
  3. Turns out contemporary archaeology has confirmed (via the spread of pottery patterns) that Druidry began in Ireland and spread to the rest of the UK and the continent, not the other way around. So I would like to thank those archaeologists for shoring up the foundation of my worldbuilding.
  4. Rúla Búla, which appears as a setting in the first few books and occasionally returns later in the series, is a real Irish pub in Tempe. And I’m not kidding about the fish and chips: They really are the best. The lamb stew and the bread pudding is amazing too. Most all the settings in the series are real places you can visit. The real-life location of Third Eye Books & Herbs is Cartel Coffee Lab on Ash Avenue.
  5. I scout locations for the books and one of my favorite things is finding a bronze sculpture in Prague (named in book 8, Staked) where centuries of folks’ hands had petted the sculpted dog to a bright, brassy shine while other parts were dark with age. Little details like that can never be captured from Google maps or an online article and there are such delightful details everywhere you go.

Find out how the world of the Iron Druid books draws to a close with SCOURGED, out NOW.

Available in paperback, ebook and audio book.
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