Project Update #2

This week, while I didn’t have any albums return on my doorstep, progress was made on the following items:

Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Singles Box Set — Spoke with the owner via email. They are overseas and had a baby AND moved to a new house in the past couple of weeks, so finding a vinyl record in their boxes is a little low on their priority list. Once things settle down,they will reach out.

Elastica (Debut LP) — Spoke with the owners via email. They are willing to sell, but want me to buy all of the items they purchased from me at the same time which includes a signed flier and the Waking Up 12" single. Once they locate the items, they will give me purchase price.

Oasis Definitely Maybe— I found the person who owns it via online sleuthing, Twitter and a lucky connection to a local American Marketing Association member. If this works out, it will be an epic post, I’m sure.

Veruca Salt American Thighs 12" & Seether 7"; Elastica Waking Up 7" — Found the owner via Facebook and she’s not only willing to sell them, but she’s got a copy of Belly’s King on vinyl (unopened) that she’s willing to sell as well. (The trail on my signed copy has gone cold in Australia. I reached the owner’s email address, but she’s currently on an educational sabbatical of an unspecified length and “will reply when she returns.”) The copy of American Thighs is signed with more detail and gusto than almost anything else I’ve owned, so I’m looking forward to seeing it again and interviewing the owner about her music collection.