This project needs a name

While I wait for delivery of two more records this week, I want to let you know about a big (to me at least) update:

I re-read what I write. Not often, I just know that I sometimes struggle to put my thoughts into English language sentences. I also know that I can go off on dry tangents about the ritual of listening to records on vinyl, so I re-read what I write to try to improve it. What I’ve noticed is that I refer to this as “The Project” way too often. It reminds me of “The Manhattan Project” or “Project X”. This thing needs a name.

This project has already given me more than I expected since I started it in November. Now, six months later, with a new round of funding, I guess it’s going to be here for a while (88 records to go) so it deserves a name and a dedicated Twitter acccount. After much thought, I’ve decided to call it………

The Vinyl Re-Spin Project

I know it’s not clever. There’s no alliteration, no room for a cute logo, the anachronym isn’t good unless I get a lot of traffic from people misspelling RSVP. What it does is give me a new short way to describe what I’m doing. It also allows me to give it a Twitter account, @VRSProject and a new outlet for getting the word out. Thanks for reading!

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