How Léo will become a hero developer

Embrace freedom, become a remote developer

Why don’t you work from anywhere and truly live the present ?

This series is about teaching Léo to become a professional developer from scratch. Léo can be any of you, desiring to learn and grow. Apply here, it will always be free ♥

I mentor Léo for the pleasure to see him grow. I decided to share this experience, and track his progress to encourage others to join his path!

Why developer?

  • You can easily create your own projects, and learn by yourself.
  • You can work remotely, you just need your laptop. Live the dream of becoming a digital nomad, work on the beach or wherever you want in the world.
  • You can access a high salary with a crowd of employers desperate to hire you. Therefore, you can choose a job that fulfills you.

Forget about the screen-full-of-weird-hacker-code you see in the movies. Being developer simply means solving problems, using code. Are you afraid to type text ?

The guy

A French guy, working his ass off for a job he doesn’t like, only to pay his rent and have a couple of drinks with his friends. He has no skills in computer science, but willing to make his dreams come true.

Be like Léo.


Traditional education is inefficient. Getting a degree doesn’t mean you are skilled nor fitted for the industry (most of my professional skills come from work experience and side-project). Well okay, in school you learn to learn fast and you develop a good network. But both of these can be achieved anyway. Learning abilities will come with (surprise) learning more and more stuff. Network will grow while attending meetups, joining communities, contribute to open source, spend time with colleagues and simply meet people.

I believe 80% of results can be achieved with 20% of efforts: Learning by doing. However (at least in France from where I live), your hire is likely to be determined by your school, not your skills #wtf

This is where, as his mentor, I become useful. Once I trust his skills, I can recommend Léo to a cool job opportunity from my network \o/


I will be teaching him how to make a dead simple, but yet impressive project. I won’t code anything: he’ll have to do it all alone.

  • Every night, I will have a few hours available for him, ensuring he is on the right steps and teaching him the concepts/mindset that he needs.
  • Everyday I’ll be at my work, so he’ll have to make stuff happen alone. I will only be able to answer basic questions if he is stuck.

The key to success is: having fun!

Each problem is a game, and there are many ways to win :)


Watching trends, I can see how the web has a lot of jobs to offer. I can see how javascript is popular among developers and frequent in job offers.

Javascript is easy to learn and versatile: you can use the language either in frontend (how you handle the user interface) or in backend (how you handle the user data).

We will build a web app with React. It’s a relatively easy frontend framework to begin with, associated with a lot of job offers.

The Project

He will make a dynamic portfolio:

  • as he becomes experienced, he will be able to add skills / framework on his app (examples: javascript, React, HTML, CSS, etc)
  • the app will fetch stackoverflow job offers based on those skills
  • the app will show the curated job lists

After making this, he will have the keys to make whatever he wants:

  • connecting his backend with slack to push a message whenever there is a new matching job
  • make graphs to see where the jobs are located in the world
  • anything


You want to join the formation? Simply drop your email address to obtain the free material Léo will have access to:

According to how well the program goes, I may train a few other Léos. Send me a message if you want also to be mentored! \o/


3 weeks to bootstrap his growth. Léo won’t be ready to work by then, but he will have the mindset to learn anything, and grow beyond his goals. I hope that within a few months of projects building and open source contributing he will be able to get a job.

I have planned only the first 3 weeks for now, and see how it works.

Week 1: Vanilla frontend

Goal: learn to functionally build the app, using basic tools.

Keywords: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Firebase, API

See Day 1: HTML

See Day 2: CSS

See Day 3: From idea to UI

See Day 4: Javascript !

See Day 5: fetch job offers !

Week 2: React frontend

Goal: use tools from the industry and build a professionally looking app!

Keywords: Git, NPM, Sass, React, Webpack, Animations

See Day 1: Webpack

See Day 2: Sass and React props

See Day 3: React state

See Day 4: ES6 syntax

See Day 5: Connecting all the dots

Week 3: Node.js backend

Goal: learn the backend side of the force to build a modern and scalable website \o/

Keywords: Terminal, Docker, Node.js, Express, Heroku

See Day 1: Node.js

See Day 2: MongoDB database

Become a hero developer

3 weeks aren’t enough to become a web developer. I’ll be tracking his progress, and keeping you in touch on how things evolve.

Let’s watch how fast Léo will have his first developer job! Get all updates by following me on

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