Mentor Léo: Week 1/Day 1: HTML

Work from anywhere, be a web developer
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This series is about teaching Léo to become a professional developer from scratch. Léo can be any of you, desiring to learn and grow. Apply here, it will always be free ♥

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Day 1: Build your HTML page

You remember the “Learn by doing” mantra ?

Well, I won’t explain you everything about HTML in this post. Plenty of resources exist already online, I don’t claim to be better. You are encouraged to document yourself online (google is your bff), and if you are a Léo you’ll get help on our slack community.

The rule is: try to do, then use the resources at the end / google, then try again.

Example: “write a heading” => wtf is a title => google “html heading”

Exercise 1

  • write a basic html layout (html, head with a title, body).
  • in the body, write a heading containing your name
  • in the body, write a paragraph containing a power description about yourself (1–2 sentences)

Exercise 2

  • in your description, have a link to the program like “student at” where points to the website
  • include an image of you / avatar (advice: have the same image on all the platforms so that people recognize you: github, linkedin, twitter, etc)

Concepts to understand

  • HTML structure
  • head versus body
  • nesting tags (wrapping)
  • closing tags versus auto-closing tags


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Call to action

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