Mentor Léo: Week 1/Day 5: fetch job offers

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Day 5: Fetch job offers from github

So fast, we are already there ! Brace yourselves, this one is the hardest of the week but today we will plug what you’ve done in the days 1, 2, 3 & 4 with the real world of job offers :D

From our webpage, we will send a request to a github server that will send us the job offers data they have (the way we communicate with the github server is called an API).

We could use the API of stackoverflow but they send data that is harder to parse. I chose github as the default because it is easier.

You can try stackoverflow in exercise 5 if you are willing to ! Especially for this one, don’t hesitate to ask for help on the slack community ;)

Exercise 1

  • Using javascript and ajax (asynchronous way to send requests), fetch the array contained in this file: mock.json
  • Use the result of this request (the array contained in the mock) to show job offers (understand: do no longer use the array you copy/pasted to do this)

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

  • In your javascript code, instead of fetching the mocks, now use the URL provided by their API (the JSON format).
  • Extract the title of each item and print it in your page like you did before with the mock

Exercise 4

  • Enhance your job list ! Add more details than just the title for each job (location, company name, company logo, etc). Add style to your list to have something pretty ;)

Exercise 5 — for hardcore Léos

Concepts to understand

  • Ajax (XMLHttpRequest): send asynchronous requests to fetch data
  • API: interface to use something (here an online service)
  • Manipulate real data (arrays, objects, etc)


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