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Moving is my mind fuel

I learnt how to be and stay creative.

Train, place, car, bus…

When I’m moving, I feel safe. I feel nobody can harm me.

My problems are temporarily deferred.

My phone and laptop go off-grid: no more interruptions.

I look outside and it creates space to think.

Unconsciously my mind begins to wander.

I’m lost in the moment. I feel relaxed.

Creativity goes up. Stress goes down.

New connections happen in my brain. Sometimes new professional or personal ideas pop up.

I always carry a notebook on which I can immortalize this internal brainstorming.

Sometimes, I share these ideas with people. Actually, I wrote this post while moving around France 🔥

Traveling sets pause on my life.

I can finally ask questions about myself. And sometimes answer.

I can take a break of all the daily stimuli of my life.

People I love. Activities I love.

So that I enjoy them better when I’m done moving.

I guess moving is my meditation.

It’s so valuable that I’ve made Exploration a daily goal in the 6 first pillars of my ideal, balanced life.

When I need a creativity boost, all I really need is a train ticket ⚡️

Don’t travel. Carve your own path.