Why I consider my death everyday to be more successful

I have never achieved so much. Never been so happier nor so mindful.

Seconds, hours, then weeks and years.

Time goes by. Not « so slowly » Madonna, rather pretty fast.

It may seem creepy, but read this with an extreme positive attitude.

A few months ago I imagined my funeral. I imagined what would say the people around me, excluding the emotional part because it’s would have been too painful to feel. Instead, I focused of what would be my legacy:

  • how was I perceived ?
  • was I inspiring ?
  • did I improved my friends / family lives ?
  • etc

I invite you to do the same exercise. People are speaking about you in the ceremony. Pick relations from closest to distant and imagine their speech.

  • First imagine one of your parents speaking.
  • Now a less close relative (a grandparent, a cousin, an uncle, whatever).
  • Now your closest friend.
  • Now a coworker / fellow student.
  • Now a « one-day » friend you still have in your Facebook friends.

Each have a skewed angle about you. Some are speaking about the mentality they perceived. Others only described the external image you showed.

Are you happy with what they said ?

I was not.

I felt I lived my life the wrong way.

Now let’s ask the big questions. What’s your life purpose ? What’s your end goal ?

The virtual funeral gave you a snapshot of what you are today. It’s now up to you to climb the stairs between today and your end goal.

Improve yourself to improve the life around you.

Discomfort of taking risks

This story is myself a few years ago.

I did an Erasmus in Sweden last year. There was a lot of group trips I needed to book in the first weeks of the semester. I did book some of them but not all, because I was really raping my spare money.

I did not book that particular trip in Russia. Because I didn’t have any passport, and the procedure last weeks, costs money and I needed to make several train travels to get to my embassy for the procedure.

Getting closer to the trip’s date, I was getting insanely jealous. All my friends were going there. I felt apart.

I started to consider booking a seat (and doing all the paperwork and spends involved), but there was no seat left… Yeah it was one of the most popular trips.

Miraculously, one seat was free. Only one problem: it was 2 weeks before the trip. And passports were delivered in … guess what ? 2 weeks minimum.

I had a decision to make.

Either I took the risk: I spent the money (like 25% of the seat), book the trains to going several times to Stockholm, did the paperwork in the embassy, pay the passport and hope to get the passport on time. But live an extraordinary time in St Petersburg, Russia.

Or, I stayed in Sweden with the people still there and party to forget my other friends traveling.

I was getting mad having to deal with that choice.

Then I imagined myself in 20 years. If I lost my bet (getting my passport right on time), I wouldn’t care about the money involved that I took from my spare account. And at a life scale, that’s worthless.

I wouldn’t remember the hustle to get that passport.

But I would probably remember forever that trip.

Most importantly, I would regret not taking the risk.

Well. I did take the risk. I did all the expensive travel & paperwork to get my passport. As time was getting closer to the trip, I was constantly checking my phone to see if the embassy called me…

With extreme luck, I got my passport the day before 😎

It was life changing. I am now dedicated to experience life at its fullest.

I don’t want to regret anything later.

Using a Death Clock

I started using the Death Clock extension for Chrome. Every time you open a tab, you see an estimation of the time you have left in your life.

And it’s ticking.

Life Calendars from Tim Urban are a way to visualize our time left. He built a grid where each line is a year and each square is a week of your life. The grid isn’t finite, for him it’s a way for procrastinators to finally take action.

Right now.

I believe you can go even further and set short/mid-term custom Death Clocks. Whether you are launching a startup, a blog, a t-shirt brand, a music band or whatever, you don’t make enough money at first.

The adventure is limited by the amount of cash you have right now. Therefore you are limited in time by your cash consumption.

You may have a few months left for your project, or a few days.

I’m launching projects on my savings. I know roughly how much money I spend over time.

I know that in 3 months my project would be dead from lack of cash. I will need to work for someone again.

This is a huge motivation deadline for me. I will work the hardest to make stuff happen.

To track the time I have left, I built a chrome extension. Every time I open a new tab, I can see how much days I have left. And there’s a beautiful background landscape image to fuel my motivation ❤️

So, I take action.

So should you.

Install the Cash Clock extension 💰/⌛️ now: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/cash-clock/kfdiindhinmfgpchkhodaibecjmbcbfp

For the developers, the project is open source: https://github.com/Orbmancer/cash-clock

For the non-developers, I launched mentorleo.co 🚀

It’s a free community dedicated to help people learning development by doing real projects. All the guides are available on medium, join the community to get help from professionals !

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