Getting places saved in mobile. 2 instances where it came in handy

How we plan our travel? It depends on a lot of factors. Whether the destination a familiar place, is the travel domestic or international, personal or business, objective of travel, the duration, time & mode of travel, etc.

Here we would like to share 2 user experiences.

One who meticulously planned his 2 day trip to Boston and another who lost his way while driving back to Bangalore.

Senthil used to drive, to be with his friends in Pondicherry, a coastal town in southern part of India. It is about 6 hour drive from Bangalore. So when there was a business need to travel to Kodukkur, a few miles away from Pondicherry he opted to drive. He first went to meet his friends in Pondicherry. The next day he started to Kodukkur.

By the time he started, it was late in the evening. He took the shortest route as advised by his friends. The roads were unfamiliar and lost his way. He checked for navigation in his mobile. Being in a rural area, there was no connectivity. Tried searching his offline navigation apps. However couldn’t search his destination.

While pondering on what to do, he just remembered that the destination was shared via Orbyo. He took the Orbyo App and got direction offline.

Next is an experience of Vinod, who had a 2 day trip to Boston. He had a full day event to attend the next Monday. After a gruelling 14 hour flight he needed enough rest before the meeting. So that left him just a few hours after the event, in Boston.

Vinod planned his short stay meticulously. He saved all the destination places. In Orbyo. Including his hotel where he was staying, the event and the meeting places. He explored his places in Orbyo, one week before he travelled. Found out the local shops where he could do shoping for his kids, entertainment places near by and also found a few old friends near by.

Senthil and Vinod shared thier story. We are thankful to them. What is your story of using Orbyo? Do share it with us by sending a email to

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