New From Orca Health: Risks and Benefits Feature to Enhance Patient Understanding and Decision Making

In a recent update, Orca Health has added new “Risks and Benefits” functionality to their already cutting-edge healthcare provider application.

This will enable providers to present treatment-specific risk and benefit data in an easily understood visual interface displayed on an iPad. The provider can also compare the statistics of alternative treatment options to enhance informed decision making at the point of care.

For each of Orca Health’s conservative and surgical treatment Care Plans, comprehensive risk and benefit data visualizations empower providers, by giving them a tool to easily initiate a dialogue with their patients about the possible ramifications associated with their treatment.

This data has been carefully compiled from studies presented in various academic journals by Orca Health to make it simple and easy for both the physician and patient to understand. All of the provided information has been extensively researched and proper citations have been associated with the relevant data displayed on the platform.

  • 270+ treatments covered by Orca Health’s new Risks and Benefits
  • 450+ medical journal articles and studies referenced

“Orca’s new Risks and Benefits feature allows providers to quickly and easily show specific, contextual, and evidence-based data to patients at the point-of-care, in a way that is comprehensible to the average healthcare consumer,” said Cole Herrmann, Orca Health VP Product.

“It streamlines the provider’s workflow,” he added, “saving them time in clinic, and greatly empowers the patient in the decision making process around their care, boosting engagement and understanding.”

Orca Health has always emphasized improving patient education, engagement, satisfaction and outcomes, as well as the overall patient experience. The Orca platform allows doctors and patients to participate in shared decision making, while improving patient satisfaction and surgical outcomes.

This new addition to the platform further enhances the patient’s experience and helps them and their provider find the treatment which best suits their needs.