Orca Health Releases New Sales App for Sales Enablement and Support

Orca Health, Inc. is excited to announce the release of the Orca Sales App, built to support all functions of the customer sales process. This innovative tool was created in conjunction with Orca Health’s channel partners. The Orca Sales App will facilitate success for account executives as they introduce the Orca Branded Patient Experience Platform to their existing provider relationships.

The Orca Sales App includes the following features:

  • New Customer Registration: Capture new customer information that allows both Orca Health and each account executive to register leads and track progress.
  • Schedule Appointments: Allows direct access to Orca Health Provider Success calendars for easy scheduling of demos and onboarding meetings.
  • Provider Onboarding Survey: Enables Orca to tailor the implementation and training process for each provider. Account executives can administer this survey on the spot.
  • Videos: Several sample videos are available, including various 3D anatomical videos, and an animated promo and testimonial videos.
  • Slides: Branded Patient Experience Platform slides are included with a complete product view, from Orca Care, to Orca Care Plan, to Orca Cloud.
  • White Papers: Orca Health’s white papers can be emailed directly to target customers via the app.

“Orca’s innovative Sales App simplifies, streamlines, and automates the Orca Care sales cycle for our channel partners. The Sales App directly connects channel partner sales reps with Orca’s Provider Success Team to optimize their time in front of customers, while improving sales rep productivity,” said Steve Papas, Orca Health COO.

The Orca Sales app was engineered with the intent of enabling account executives to seamlessly present the Orca platform to providers and spark interest in Orca’s cutting edge product. The Sales App will serve as a fluid link between Orca Health, the account executive and the prospective customer.

In addition, as Orca Health continues to refine the sales process or introduce new products and services, they will be able to update this application to quickly align account executives in the field with best sales tool available. This app gives Orca Health the ability to provide superior sales support and customer service, further distinguishing them from their competitors.