Another wonderful day…

A Blog from Victory Lutheran Mission Team

This morning was our last time at the preschool in Molelwane. They sang some of their favorite songs for us, prayed, played games (including duck, duck, goose…boy did we look funny running), and we even fit in some more learning time on the letter “k”.
After a casual lunch of sandwiches at the house, we headed out to Dihatshwane for more VBS. These kids are game for anything we throw at them. They are able to finish up any craft from the day before, memorize a Bible verse and the Lord’s Prayer, sing songs from their hearts, and play games.
On our way home we stopped at the shopping center for a few supplies, and the afternoon was over.
Tonight, after dinner, we met with our leader, Paul, for a wrap-up of the week and debriefing. This was a little sooner than usual since he leaves at 5:00 in the morning for the airport to pick up the team that is following us.
And tomorrow we go to Kwa Maritane lodge until we depart on Sunday. Until next time…
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