Greetings from South Africa!

A Blog from Victory Lutheran Church Mission Team

Today was a wonderful day for the team. We are learning to rely on God to fill in the gaps when schedules change and our best plans go slightly awry, so we are relaxed and having fun.
This morning we were back at the preschool in Molelwane where we. visited yesterday. However, we were no longer observers, but teachers sharing our vast knowledge on not only the letter K but also the amazing kangaroo! These little ones are precious beyond description and won our hearts the first time they did “The Banana Song”.
Our afternoon was spent doing Bible School in Dihatshwane. Today was fast-paced and the kids were totally engaged in every part of it. The theme of the day was praise, and the craft was paper plate tambourines which the kids had fun making and even more fun using as they sang praise songs. They are teaching us a lot about making a joyful noise!