Ways to Put Elderly Parents in Nursing Homes

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Putting your parents in a residential nursing home may be one of the most difficult and fearful decisions to take but could be the best choice for them in rest of their lives. The three good reasons to why your parents can happily stay in Nursing homes is busy life of children where children are nervous the whole day while parents are alone at home, good friends at nursing homes, chatting, laughing, jogging etc.. activities that make them happy and the third most important reason is nursing homes provide good care and modern health care facilities.

Following are steps to placed elderly parents in nursing care

Step1 :-First of all talk to your parents about your decision regarding specialized care or your own challenges in providing such care. Some parents do not want to be a burden on their children and may assert on a nursing home, while others may accuse you of betraying them and wanting to get rid of them because they are a burden.

Step 2 :- Take sufficient time to find the right residential and best quality nursing home care center for your parents. Your choice should be based on the types of services offered by the nursing home. A nursing home should offer secure and safe surroundings for your parent. If your parents has dementia or Alzheimer’s, find out if there is a secure wing or section of the facility that will provide a safe and chill out environment for your parents.

Step3:-You can visit some nursing care centers in your area. Find out the interaction between residents and staff. Look around to make sure that elders are not left sitting by themselves for a long period of time. Watch to see how quickly calls are answered by nurses or supporting staff. If both of your parents are to be admitted, ask if they can be placed together. You need to determine meal schedules and see whether your parents’ dietary needs will be met. Enquire if nurses are provided 24/7, and what steps are taken in case there is any medical emergency. Talk to the nursing home administrator about placement and steps to be followed to admit your parents to the facility.

Step4:-You may have to prepare yourself mentally at the time of putting your elderly parent/s to the nursing home. Be prepared for feelings of guilt or feeling of doubt. But at the end of the day, you should not be guilty as they will understand that you are doing the right thing for your parent’s safety and security. Your parents may express a number of feelings, including anger, tears, begging and sometimes, silence. Visit your parents on a regular basis and call them when you have free time from work. Let them know they are not forgotten. Keep them involved in your life as much as possible, especially if you live nearby.