How a Growing Salesforce Ecosystem Helps Advisors

New research by Salesforce and IDC shows that Salesforce and its ecosystem of customers and partners will create nearly 1.9 million jobs and add $389 billion in GDP over the next five years.

Color us impressed, but not extremely surprised.

We are continually thrilled to be a part of this awesome ecosystem, with our participation in Midwest Dreamin (our local Salesforce Community Conference organized by our regional User Groups), as a Salesforce partner, and by attending Dreamforce. This kind of growth is fantastic, but again, not shocking.

We’ve seen our user base grow right alongside Salesforce as a whole and we’re excited about the opportunity to create new efficiencies for even more advisors.

Here’s a few ways we see a growing Salesforce ecosystem helping advisor and fintech companies.


The new research also shows an interesting milestone: four million installs from AppExchange. This is huge for us. The AppExchange platform has exposed us to millions of users. Without it, our growth and prosperity certainly wouldn’t be what it is.

But more importantly, AppExchange provides a simple, trustworthy mechanism for users to install apps like ProcessComposer. That means you don’t have to scour the internet for sketchy downloads. The streamlined distribution system offers tremendous exposure for our software and many others, but also enhances safety for advisory firms using Salesforce.

It’s a truly remarkable system that gives users what they need quickly and securely. That’s one efficiency that definitely leads to success for developers and users alike.


The truth is, if our clients don’t experience growth, the chances are high that we won’t. Our businesses are tied together in that way; it’s symbiosis, if you will. Take, for example, Orion Advisor Services, one of our clients. They were having some trouble managing a large team, all using the Salesforce platform.

Today, ProcessComposer helps them navigate workflows across disparate processes and a variety of departments — support and service, accounting, sales — for nearly 300 employees.

It’s one relationship in which the client’s growth, along with the enhancements we’ve made to help Orion, has helped fuel growth for us. Salesforce and its AppExchange have been at the center of it.


None of this success happens, of course, without keeping ourselves up to date on what’s going on in the Salesforce world. The report published by Salesforce and IDC goes a long way in helping us understand where the trends are and what could be coming.

We try to keep ourselves ahead of the curve. Prior to each Salesforce release, we dive into the release notes to discover what new functionality we might be able to provide. From there, we try to integrate the new bells and whistles into our own applications. Salesforce updates come three times per year, so we’ve certainly got our work cut out for us. It’s important to us to provide the latest and greatest features to our clients.

As the Lighting Experience continues to mature, we’ll continue migrating swaths of functionality into the user experience. In the coming weeks, you can expect more commentary from us on the upcoming Winter Release and what enhancements we think are most relevant for Salesforce users in the financial industry.


If you’re interested in learning how ProcessComposer can streamline your business workflows, hop in the driver’s seat and take it for a spin. We won’t even photocopy your license.