The art of going away

The art of going away from someone, as I have realized in my not-so-eventful life span, is one of the most difficult art to master. It is probably more or less equally difficult for everyone and to me, it has always been a overwhelmingly daunting task to bid adieu to someone.

While analyzing the root cause of this problem, the thing that I nailed down to be most crucial is the thinking that goes in my mind in the ‘not happy case’ time period. When things are going perfect, you’d never think of all these. It is ‘happy happy’ for some time, eventually issues start gathering up and once in a while thoughts would start coming to mind is like “Should I call it a day and go away or should I try to adjust and hope for a better tomorrow?”

In this scenario, some people I have seen are strong enough to break every bond within a very short time frame, and there are people like me who decides to keep on living with these issues. People of first kind, they do get momentary sadness, but I believe killing it at one go is much less pain to bear with than riding on an uncertain flow of events for a longer duration and people who can do that are certainly happier for more amount of time that someone like me who is over optimistic about things working fine or maybe, in the hindsight, I consider it a failure on my side that I could not make it work.

I am not saying that I’d ever try to become like those set of people that I described as ‘first kind’, but I feel, had I been like that, life would have been happier for me for more number of days than it currently is.