Hey, Fluencers!

This month’s update brings you deeper engineering highlights along with some fresh content and the announcements for future events. Let’s jump right into it!


Rust Community Moscow Meet Up

Rust continually gains popularity in the decentralised community, so it feels like our Rust meetups are a great way to share knowledge and ideas on its applications to the problems we face in the decentralized tech. This time we’ve shared a scene in Moscow with the engineers from Near and Parity.

Fluence Components Bounty

One of the critical features of the emerging Fluence ecosystem is openness: anyone can join and tailor a full-featured cloud service for…

While the two-thirds of summer are gone, Fluence team is gearing up for the blockchain week in Berlin, see the full list of events below!

The SQLite fork is available for deployment at the Fluence Dashboard. Now the Fluence stack consists of two production-ready SQL/NoSQL databases, which makes the migration from the centralized world much easier.

Content and Community

The Decentralised Web Hackathon in June was a huge success — gathering more than 70+ hackers from several countries. We’re happy to see that the Fluence-based projects get more sophisticated and how they approach decentralization in various meaningful ways. …

The current web is in crisis — censorship, data leaks, power being in the hands of a few selected companies. That’s too far from the early ideas of the web — free access to any information for everyone, no authorities or control of any kind. The Web 3 movement has revitalized the dream of the internet as an independent domain with the idea of open protocols.

On June 22–23 Fluence Labs have teamed up with Arweave for the Decentralized Web Hackathon in Minsk, where anyone could build an app for the Web 3 in two days using the technology stack…

Hi Fluencers,

As we continue our work on the Fluence Network core, we’ve also found a great way to align our development and community building activities — hackathons!

Fluence joins forces with Arweave for the Decentralized Web Hackathon in Minsk with $4,000 in prizes. We invite developers to build decentralized applications, web services, and tools using the decentralized file storage (Arweave) and the decentralized database cloud (Fluence). We believe that Web 3 applications deserve as much scalability as their Web 2 ancestors have, and these technologies allow to achieve that.

If you are a software engineer interested in the Web…

Hey Fluencers,

Right now, there are two primary directions in our work: developing the platform and building the community — both are the foundations for the Fluence ecosystem. These goals set the update’s structure: you are already familiar with the “Community” part — you can always find the news on meetups/workshops and other events there, in addition to that, monthly project updates will now include “Engineering” — delivering the report on the latest features and global platform updates.

And the big news for a starter :

The first Fluence hackathon had been a huge success! During eight hours 35 hackers…

Decentralization, clusters, validators, functional programming, smart contracts, networks — all together, this might be too much even for an experienced developer to dig through. At Fluence, we’re super-focused on making our product as easily approachable for developers as possible. What’s the best way to communicate the idea that launching a DApp with Fluence is simple and frictionless? Let people try it themselves!

So on April 13 (we’re not superstitious) we gathered for the first Fluence Devnet Hackathon in Moscow at the 2GIS headquarters. For the next eight hours, 35 people across six teams would compete for the $2,000 prize pool.

Hi Fluencers,

We’re working hard to keep more great news flowing, here’s today’s agenda:

  • The Fluence Devnet: live and available for the developers.
  • Community Blockchain Week (March 2019, Paris): Fluence events (including meetups and workshops), Ethereum Magicians video and more.
  • Demo Night with Near and Cosmos in Berlin.

The Fluence Devnet Launch

The Fluence network combines fast responses to the client with game-theory based mechanics of postponed validation that ensures punishment for the nodes behaving incorrectly.

The Devnet is the first incarnation of the Fluence network that provides real-time code execution in a decentralized network. …

Hi Fluencers,

We’re just one month into 2019 with already so much to share!

DApp Survey Results

The big news is that we have concluded the DApp Developer Survey and published the results . During the survey we have managed to gather 1624 DApp projects building on Ethereum, EOS, and TRON, contacted 900 of those. In the end we’ve had elaborate responses from 160 various projects.

Why did we start this in the first place? Fluence Network is designed for the developers, it’s natural for us to want to learn more about one of our core audiences. The survey was chosen as a perfect way…

Meetups wrap up, our first workshop, new advisor, and more!

Hello, Fluencers!

How’s been your fall? Hope you’re somewhere cozy with a pumpkin latte to warm your hands, and here’s our monthly recap to cheer you up!

The super important and exciting news is our proof-of-concept reveal during the first Fluence workshop at the Web3 Summit. During the Summit developers had several opportunities to dig their hands into Fluence code, launch a local Fluence network and run some test queries guided by none other than Dmitry Kurinskiy — Fluence CTO. Read on for the details!

The feedback and the experience we had will help us a lot while we’re moving towards an…

Berlin hackathon, meetups in Barcelona and Warsaw, our first AMA

Hello, Fluencers!

Today’s update wrap-ups the busy month of September, here’re the main highlights:

Fluence in development

Fluence team at the ETHBerlin hackathon

While we’re working hard to introduce Fluence to the global community and the projects that, we believe, will play a crucial role as backbones of the future web, the less…

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