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This month’s update brings you deeper engineering highlights along with some fresh content and the announcements for future events. Let’s jump right into it!


Rust Community Moscow Meet Up

Rust continually gains popularity in the decentralised community, so it feels like our Rust meetups are a great way to share knowledge and ideas on its applications to the problems we face in the decentralized tech. This time we’ve shared a scene in Moscow with the engineers from Near and Parity.

Fluence Components Bounty

One of the critical features of the emerging Fluence ecosystem is openness: anyone can join and tailor a full-featured cloud service for the specific needs of their application, project, or organization. …

While the two-thirds of summer are gone, Fluence team is gearing up for the blockchain week in Berlin, see the full list of events below!

The SQLite fork is available for deployment at the Fluence Dashboard. Now the Fluence stack consists of two production-ready SQL/NoSQL databases, which makes the migration from the centralized world much easier.

Content and Community

The Decentralised Web Hackathon in June was a huge success — gathering more than 70+ hackers from several countries. …

The current web is in crisis — censorship, data leaks, power being in the hands of a few selected companies. That’s too far from the early ideas of the web — free access to any information for everyone, no authorities or control of any kind. The Web 3 movement has revitalized the dream of the internet as an independent domain with the idea of open protocols.

On June 22–23 Fluence Labs have teamed up with Arweave for the Decentralized Web Hackathon in Minsk, where anyone could build an app for the Web 3 in two days using the technology stack it offers. …


Artemy Domozhakov-Liarskii

Strategy and marketing for complex products and technologies.

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