Play To Earn NFT Game: The Orc Horde

3 min readMar 25, 2022


The Orc Horde NFT is a collection of 10.000 NFTs by Girov, official D&D Guild artist who also worked for Disney & Power Rangers Cartoon. Each NFT has 70+ traits that can be upgraded via The Orc Horde P2E NFT game.

The Story

After the great defeat at the Battle of the Three Rivers, the dark god Necronos forced the Orcs to to mine the precious minerals and gold of the mines.

The Orcs were digging treasures for centuries and now it’s time to seize the treasure and go for the quest to free their Chieftain Kall T’Akhar.

How To Play?

You must have The Orc Horde NFT in order to play the game and earn treasures. More details here:


Headquarters is a place reserved for Chieftains and Orc Heroes. Here they can vote on important decisions for the Horde. This will become The Orc Horde DAO.


Here you can use your gold, iron and gems, to equip your Orc with different weapons and armors. With every purchase your Orc NFT properties are getting stronger, your NFT is gaining on rarity and is becoming more valuable.


Marketplace is a very important part of this phase of the game. It consists of two parts: Exchange and Market.

Exchange is the place where you can swap your resources. For example if you need 10 Diamonds to buy some weapon, and you have only 5, you can exchange Iron for Diamonds or Gold for Diamonds etc.

Market is the place where your resources are getting real value. Here you can purchase many things, even tokens from different projects we are collaborating with. Also you can buy our ERC 20 token and transfer it to your wallet.

The Mine

The Orcs were digging treasures for centuries and now it’s time to seize the treasure. Here you can grab your part of the treasures, so you can have enough resources to prepare your Orc for the next game stage.