Much is discussed regarding the Cryptocurrency’s market value, and indeed in the past couple of years this market is growing as fast as Trump’s scandals. Nevertheless, this market will probably go up and down for a few more rounds until stabilizing and becoming a place to trade a common and commercial financial exchange tool[s]. For now, we can definitely see a movement in the masses mindset from the “buzzword” stage towards the “understanding-crypto” stage, and as a true believer of the “new internet”, I’m sure that in the long term the Cryptocurrency will be much better used and utilized.


Blockchain is a glorified excel spreadsheet, that’s Dr. Roubini thoughts on one of the most discussed business “trends” in recent years. He has a point, just not that one specifically.

Blockchain technology is yet to reach the vision and the path to perfect is not that close. it’s not scalable enough to conduct mass transactions, limited in storage, power inefficienct (mainly with public ones and Proof-of-Work use cases) and not that private. To list a few. However, blockchain is just a “bit” more than a glorified database. …

Or David

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