UI Templates and kits for Developers

Since we have prepared a list of sites from which designers can download UI elements, we couldn’t forget about web developers :)
Here’s our list of UI Kits based mostly on Bootstrap in HTML/CSS. Most of them arefree, therefore use it and ease your work!

Get Shit Done Kit

This set of user interface elements is based on Bootstrap framework. 
The Creative Tim has redesigned all of the components to flat and minimalistic style. Get Shit Done set consists of: Buttons, menus, dropdowns,navigations, progress bars, sliders, check boxes, carousel effect, typography etc. It is equipped with the necessary CSS and fresh color palette. This UI Kit is considered a good indicator of well designed user interface. 
To start, put ‘css / get-shit-done.css’ in your HTML template.

Get Shit Done Kit

Get Shit Done Screenshot


Bootflat is an open source flat design UI set based on Bootstrap CSS 3.3. You will find a clean and minimalist components for creating user interfaces such as web pages, landing pages or iOS or Android apps. Available elements are : color swatches, labels, dropdowns, popovers, calendars, typography, footers, tables or icons.


Bootflat Screenshot

Flat UI

Another set of UI based on Twitter Bootstrap3. Flat UI contains many basic and complex elements: buttons, radio buttons, menus, dropdowns, progress bars, sliders, check boxes or navigational elements. The colorful, stylish icons can be easily modified and used in many different projects. Glyphs are available in PSD, HTML/CSS and SVG formats. In Flat UI set uses “Lato” font designed by Janusz Dziedzic. With this set you will certainly spend less time on routines at your work. This kit for developers cost $39.

Flat UI

Flat UI Screenshot

UI Kits od PixelKit

PixelKit shared a collection of many UI Kits. Those available in PSD with HTML are: Modern Touch, Shapes, Spicy Treats (restaurant), Funky Tunes, City Break (hotel) or Vanilla Cream, which is perfectly suited for bistro 
or a coffee place website.

Bootstrap version with HTML only available in developer’s account, the cost is $89 per year.

UI Kits od PixelKit

Modern Touch Kit

Pure CSS

Zestaw małych CSS na bazie Pure, które można wykorzystać w każdym projekcie internetowym. W skład zestawu wchodzą tabele, przyciski, elementy nawigacyjne, menu, formy itp. Zobaczcie przykłady stworzonych stron tutaj. Mało ważące pliki CSS zapewniają ładowalność strony na smartphonach.

Set of small CSS modules based on Pure, that can be used in any online project . The set includes tables, buttons, navigation controls, menus, forms, etc. The idea behind Pure CSS was to use it also on mobile devices, that’s why the size matters; sites made with Pure CSS run smoothly on smartphones. See and download examples of created pages here.

Pure CSS

Pure CSS Screenshot

Responsive Flat UI

Responsive Flat UI is a complete set of UI components based on Bootstrap framework.

Responsive Flat UI

Responsive Flat UI

CSS Flow

6 sets of UI elements created with CSS based on Sass. In each you will find a group of buttons, dropdowns, text boxes, validations, drop-down lists, check boxes, radio buttons, tables, headers, progress bars or alarm messages. All form controls are fully functional without JavaScript. You can buy all the sets for a total price of $49. The price of one set starts from $9.

CSS Flow

CSS Flow Screenshot

UI Kit

Flat style and simple UI Kit available on Codepen. Buttons, menus bars and search.

UI Kit

UI Kit Screenshot

Almost Flat UI

A set of user interface elements based on Foundation Framework 5.2.2
There are buttons, forms, navigation, headers, CSS and JavaScript components.

Almost Flat UI

Almost Flat UI Screenshot

Spot UI Kit

Expanded set of user interface developed in HTML5/CSS3 based on Bootstrap. It is optimized for Retina displays and compatible with all browsers.

Spot UI Kit

Spot UI Kit Screenshot

Square UI Kit

Another flat style UI Set built in HTML5/CSS3 based on Bootstrap.

Square UI Kit