Influencing Responsibility

The New Orderly Brandmark

We’ve come a long way since the early days of Easywebstore. We’ve realised that our technology suite has developed very far since offering only e-commerce solutions and we understand everyone in the world has a responsible role to play. So, we have positioned our business to increase our focus on influencing sustainability.

What started as a small tech team in a bedroom that built an online platform in the early days of e-commerce, our business began to grow with success catering for small to medium online stores. We grew in size and moved to bigger premises in the centre of Derby. This move enabled the team to concentrate on other technologies focusing around stock replenishment systems in the food and beverage industry — the Orderly Suite of products was born.

We began to pitch the idea of “Orderly” which secured services with Starbucks EMEA. Orderly went from strength-to-strength allowing us to win contracts from enterprises such as Nestle, Morrisons PLC, EuroGarages and Alsea.

As e-commerce became more accessible and cost-effective for SME’s, there was more of a need and focus on the larger enterprise for Orderly Suite.

With business growing, sights were set on a more serious issue — global food waste.

What impact was this having globally?

What impact was this having throughout the whole supply chain?

We knew deep down we could tackle this problem through our technology. This was when our focus centred around sustainability rather than just profitability. We knew both elements worked hand-in-hand and large food and beverage enterprise could benefit by focusing on more sustainable ways of business. Less waste = more profit, but the more significant impact is environmental, social and human. We knew our technology could make a real difference to the whole supply chain and the world.

Our technology is growing, and with the introduction of the Orderly Scorecard which enables store manages to focus on driving sustainability by decreasing waste (and increasing profit) we feel our technology can make a real difference to the world and to the businesses we work with. The Orderly Scorecard focuses on three areas; using AI to display three sustainability areas that the store is doing well at, two they can improve upon and finally one overall “Orderly Score”.

We believe this tool will not only make vast savings within each store but also have the influence to create a more sustainable way of working -drastically cutting food and beverage waste.

When store managers are following the recommendations to make incremental improvements each week, profitability and sustainability will increase week-on-week. Multiply this gradual improvement across an entire store estate, and you can see just how powerful the Orderly Scorecard and Orderly Score can be.

So, where do we start? Our resource-positive technology needs a platform to be seen, a re-brand was required.

Our Brandmark — Explained

All attention was focused around four pillars of sustainability; economic, social, human and environmental and now is the time to align our technology with large enterprise who are also aligning their visions to be resource-positive by activating purpose and sustainability.

We want to achieve our ambition ‘Inspirit belief, ambition and responsibility in all to champion sustainability and therefore profitability’ by activating our brand purpose ‘We exist to influence and encourage a sustainable responsibility throughout the supply chain’.

Influence Responsibility

Our solutions drive responsibility, generating long-term economic value and sustainability.

We are more than a technology company for food and beverage enterprises. We are a powerful advocate for responsibility throughout the supply chain.

We’re here to influence responsibility.

Visit our new orderly.io website for more information or to get in touch.

Sustainable Supply Chain Technology