Eat. Pray. Style.

Last night, I sat on my boss’ couch and watched the movie, “Eat. Pray. Love.” As my boss fell asleep, I sat there in mere wonder of what this movie would mean to me this time around. It was a perfect movie night. After take out and the best cup of peppermint tea, I watched this great film as the window pane was beaten with drops of summer rain. “Eat. Pray. Love” is about a woman who woke up one day and realized that her life wasn't going the way she intended it to go. Being a woman filled of passion and being a writer for a living, she decided to go on soul searching journey to find her balance. Along the way she made some great friends, conquered demons, forgave herself and found love.

Right now, in this very moment, I think I am searching for this new balance. I’m so tired of external factors…. or should I say I’m tired of letting external factors affect my viewpoint on life. I connected to this movie because one thing I noticed about Julia Roberts was that she possessed this organic sense of passion. She was searching for inspiration… some sort of fullfillment. I started this blog for this very reason. I want to connect with like minded individuals. I want to share in non-ego, vibrant and creative conversations. I don’t want to be on defense. I would love to let my insecurities run wild, creatively… nonetheless beautifully. I would love to experience some type of peace with self. I would love not be judged for once.

I have the tendency to hold back what I want for others. Someone who knows me would laugh if I said that to them. Truth be told, I am very self scarificing. I support the masses but never seem to get it back in return. Maybe it’s this undeniable attitude I display? Who knows? My question is where are all the humans at? I feel like everyone is at war with one another. Inspiration is something that I love to feed off of. Lately, nothing impresses me… not love, not friendship, not family, not travel and not even my religion.

If you made it this far in this #notetoself, you can see exactly where my head is. It’s all over the place. Bottom line, I’m just a man looking for his passion in this crazy world. My passion is ultimately fashion. I’m changing and so are my wants. My closet is being affected. I’m taking a break from social media and I want to see how it affects my closet. Your closet is a storyline of where you’re at in life. Right now, I’m saturated with things. I need my closest to make sense and it doesn’t… to me! For the first time, I woke up last Sunday… #lost. I’m never lost! This break from social media is going to be my journey of finding balance. Being on social media has always had me against the grain. I’m extremely private and like a secure sense of peace. I have gotten away from that. I want to take a look at the real me. I need to start eating better. I need to get closer to God. I want to reach the best way of living while I still have the chance. At the end of this journey, that I have set no time limit to, I’m interested to see this end result.

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