It’s all about LOVE in this world!!!

Love!!! What is it???

Love.!!! A butterfly flies in mind when we hear this word. This 4 letter word has become integral part of us from the day we are born. Anyhow we fail to find out what it is till the last breath. So let’s try to find out what it is!!!!

So…Is it a feeling or a bond or a state of mind or a magical power??! How is it possible to love others more than myself?
Sometimes even we lose ourselves and surrender to others for love.!!So love is bad?What are you? Why are you constantly present in my life?
We do everything thing just to have you in my life. You are the sole purpose for the existence of world and I can’t answer who is love yet!!!

Every single living being in this universe is bound by Love. From planets to galaxies… From families to Countries. Just name an entity and it’s there. In fact it’s not just things, same goes with thoughts as well.Then you might have a question…” that’s not true I hate a person who keeps blabbering. It’s not love!!”

Well, it’s not hate. Surprised!!!? It’s just absence of love. Even when you don’t love a person, you have let him become part of you. And basically that’s what love does!

For e.g..if you love anything., you start looking every positivism about it and think about it all the time. Eventually you let it conquer your mind. Similarly if you can’t love something or someone you start perceiving every single point to hate it and there you go. It’s part of you!!

Well that’s how it works!!I think there are two kinds of love. One is positive love and other one is negative. It’s your responsibility to find the difference and let go negative love from you because then only you can have all the positive affection.

Love is not an object to possess or property to own or magic with tricks or state of mind.I believe it’s us!! All this universe is love and that’s the truth.Because everything has love in it all the time…even when we are having any of the feelings like happiness, sadness, livid, fear, etc…

So we just have to know this truth and build a positive atmosphere with the help of it. Because you know love can make anything and everything happen!!

Cheers to all loves!!

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