Procrastinate the procrastination

“I should have completed this yesterday. Why do I do this every time? Uhhhh!!! I am so lazy”.This line runs in most of the people’s mind every day.(I have said this many times while finishing this article :P ) Don’t worry we are all on same page. Procrastination has really affected everyone at some point of life.

This article is just an attempt to find out the reasons and effects of it in a very simple manner.

Let’s just start with reasons(few) for procrastination:

  • Just 5 more minutes (while alarm rings)
  • It’s a difficult task!! I will probably finish that one later.
  • I need some help with that. I will do that afterwards.
  • It’s too much right now, let me just relax first!!!
  • I still have time till tomorrow.
  • I am just too lazy. (Unbelievable human!!!)and so on…

This list can grow infinitely. We have become victims of postponement in our day-to-day life, in turn we have become enemies of our own life.

It’s funny that we have become “Pros in procrastination” …!!! However, we fail to procrastinate this procrastination. It’s not that we have tried to overcome it, but at some point we again start following it without our own awareness!!!

Here is a just an instance which happened to me and I am pretty sure that I am on the way to overcome it.

It was just another Monday (really annoying day in a week) and my alarm started to play the same annoying music to wake me up. I was so lazy that instead of reaching out for phone, I just closed my ears with pillow (As I knew it will snooze and I can get up then which is hardly 5 mins)!!! Anyway you know this is the most used idea which is the worst one as well, it didn’t work out. After 5 times of self-snooze, my alarm began for 6th time and at this point. I was so annoyed that I switched off my phone and slept back.

It was a cold morning and I was on cozy bed. I woke up thinking it must be hardly 7:30 and switched on the phone. Oh shit!!! It was 9 AM and I had 10 missed calls from my manager and colleagues!! I texted them that “I am stuck in some work and will be late to office.” I rushed through my routine, got a cab (which was really a pain and I live far from office) and reached office at 10.30(2 hrs late).

As soon as I got in, my team members started asking me the reason and I told them the reality. Then I had a shock after listening to MOM. Oh yeah, every Monday morning we have a team meeting where we discuss projects and tasks. And today it was accompanied by our director (which never happens) and he has asked my team mate to work on a new project and he will be going to U.S.A for the same. The worst part is director had my name in mind. Because I was not there and as I was also not reachable (which he thought as unprofessional), he had selected the other person.!!!

I know it should not be only reason for not getting a project!! I work really hard and everyone knows it, still this happened to me. I felt really bad and hated myself for it.

I tried to convince him but it wasn’t fruitful.After a lot of hard work and continuous progress,he considered me as well for it.

After this incident, I have started to wake up before my alarm rings. Also, trying to do the things when it is required to do, not when I want to do. It was just a small thing (an alarm ring), but it had affected my career.

We ignore/neglect few simple things in life just because of our laziness, little would we know that these things have ability to change our life!!! I have understood it after experiencing it. So don’t be a victim like me. Change yourself on daily basis. I have overcome(almost) it and you can too…:)

Hence, please stop procrastinating and Procrastinate the procrastination