Traffic Signal- A junction with many stories!!!

It was just another weekend with my friends. We planned to drive around in the city as my friend had bought a new car. Bengaluru on weekend: we knew it was not a great idea, but we just wanted to do it. All of us were mentally prepared for the traffic signals. So we started our journey.

We encountered many traffic jams and road blocks, but it was fun. (with friends anything can be. ;)) As our journey continued, we encountered a road which looked very familiar to me. Suddenly I saw myself on the footpath. I had some unforgettable memories on that road. This is where I saw him for first time.! I can never forget the day. He was kind, handsome and charming guy!! His eyes were calm and yet trying to tell something… I was taken back to real world by an unexpected break.It was red signal .

I was enjoying that moment. There was a smile on my face. I just started to look around. Traffic signal is where you can see different situations like: various people selling variety of things, huge crowds struggling to cross the roads and frustrated drivers/riders. Amidst of all these distractions I caught those eyes which were looking at me!!! The same old calm eyes. It was him!!After all these years, he looked same as he was 6 years before.!!

My smile disappeared. We stared at each other until my friend started the car. We didn’t even exchange a smile or a wave. I turned around to look at him for the last time, but it was too late!! I sighed with a disappointment. My eyes were wet and yet I liked that moment.

All the memories rushed into my head within a second. I had spent most auspicious moments of my life with him. We were together for almost 5 years. Now!! it has been more than a year since the split. Even though there are few common friends, we never ask about each other as we had promised. We knew it is very difficult to move on if we kept meeting. The breakup was unexpected and unavoidable. My phone started to ring and I realized where I was. On receiving the call, I heard a very familiar voice even though the number was unknown!! I started shivering and smiling with eyes filled with tears.

It was his call!! He requested to stop the car and wait for 5 minutes. Soon, I asked my friend to stop the car. After few minutes, there was a knock on my window and I was surprised to see him even when I knew he was coming!!!I got down from the Car-I was very emotional. He was no lesser than me…!! we both were so stupidly mad about each other. His eyes looked into me and he said “I am sorry”! I slapped him and said “I love you too”! We had a big hug, the moment is one of the most beautiful part in my life till now! OH Sorry! Our life. :) And all the credits go to traffic signal which was red at that point. This red signal gave green signal to our love again!!

Even today when we are at the signal, we can’t stop treasuring all the memories. The signal has found love of my life twice… :) Both of us never get irritated by traffic, we try to create more memories.

Traffic signals can also create magical stories.!

Don’t rush… Just enjoy. :)

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