Boot Camp (Day 4)

“Finally the Last day of Exercis..” Arrrgh … just a dream, My subconscious mind is apparently looking forward to the end of this stage. However I doubt the road gets easier from there. So “Dear mind, better strap in for the long haul”.

Its the end of Day 4 and boy was it grueling. For starters I’ve never had to do a Website from scratch….(sure I've dabbled a bit but never did something i was gonna share much less hand in for grading.

Then there was the Binary Search implementation Lab which for whatever reason still has not run . At first I thought it was my code, but now I’m convinced to the contrary. I’ve tested my code elsewhere and it works but it just wont submit.

I must say that so many times today the much dreaded question ‘Are you sure you can handle this’ kept creeping to the surface but with a will like that of…..whoever has the strongest will, I shoved it back into the depths where it belongs.

Honestly I’m too tired to keep going here but I’ll summarize thus.

Hats off to all those who have emerged on the other side of this boot camp victors. I shall be joining you soon……..Amen


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