Men like our fathers

We scraped for the love of our fathers only to be dismissed to husband’s like our fathers .

We were taught to sway , to cover our faces with red dust , to paint our lips and draw beautiful marks on our skin to attract average men.

We were taught to tie our wrappers tightly around our necks , and wait for men like our fathers to take them off . Anything else was abomination.

For a few seconds of love that was pounded into us late at night. but even in those moments, we couldn’t hold the men we called our husbands.

We slaved and slaved , crouching at corners, praying to hear a hint of love, waiting to be tossed shreds of affection .

We were taught to accept that men like our fathers could trade in the old for the new, so we were groomed to accept other people that have been groomed for men like their fathers .

We chased patient love , endure all pain love ; when our husband’s would scold us like children , and assault us like he does his brothers , We were taught to beg.

We would be excited when our husband’s bought us gifts, so we could look better than Nkechi tomorrow. So that we would sway for him and his friends.

We would break backs begging the gods to bear sons who will turn into men like our father’s.

We would groom the others who weren’t sons and teach them to love men like our fathers.

We accepted that we were for the enjoyment of men like our father’s.