The light goes farther when we reflect it.

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Everywhere you turn, there’s a reason to look out for yourself and no one else. It seems for every hand outstretched for help, there’s one reaching to take from us forcefully.

In defence, we wrap our arms around ourselves tightly and move briskly through life like we’re on the shady backstreet of a market with an unsavoury reputation.

But we can’t help when our arms aren’t free, and no one pulls anyone to safety with clenched fists.

That’s not love, it’s survival in its most primitive form.

“Me first! Everyone else can go to hell.”

With selfishness spreading like a virus, hell isn’t a place, it’s an event happening now. …


Oreoluwa Fakorede

God-chasing ex-sinner, dying to live. Content strategist and copywriter.

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