Give Yourself Room To Fail

What they don’t tell us about making it.

My generation, like several before it, is obsessed with success.

We strive for it, idolise those who appear to have attained it and beat ourselves up every time we fall short.

We cannot bear to fail.

Failure is that bad thing the neighbours speak about in hushed tones with their eyes doing all the pointing.

Society leaves no room for it.

It is perceived as the end of everything, an incident so catastrophic that it cannot be recovered from.

But that’s a lie.

Failure is not the opposite of success.

What is it then?

It is evidence of trying.
It is proof that one isn’t static, dormant, wasting away on a spot.
It is the basic building block of a future success.
It is a door to innovation.
It is a sign of life, an essential part of life even.

In simple terms, if you haven’t failed yet you probably have not done much with your life.

It is common to gloss over the several failures that preceded the breakthrough in a so-called success story. Struggle is just not a glamorous thing.

But screw the glitz of ‘we have arrived’.

We need to talk more about the grit, how we nearly gave up on the way to making it and how we developed an unbreakable spirit in the process.

We need to give ourselves room to fail, if only for the lives that will be inspired by our story.

We need to acknowledge, if not outright applaud, our failures.

We succeed because of them, not in spite of them.

They don’t belong under the rug or in a dingy closet gathering dust.

Set them on the shelf alongside the shiny ‘success’ trophies.

The story won’t be complete, heck, there will be no story, without them.

You failed; clap for yourself and keep going.

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