To be seen as I am is to be free.

See me naked, see me clothed,
See me straight with pride and down on my knees.
See me run, arms open wide,
See me crawl, like the tide in slow motion across the sea.
See me at my best, even stars beg for light,
See me at my worst, worn from this love-life-fight.

See me in black, matched to your perfect white,
See me in quotation marks like reported speech: almost yours but not quite.
See me stand for something, but there is something more,
See me fall at your feet, I finally learned to love my flaws.

See me strong, chest puffed to take a shot,
See me weak, again, you are my saving grace.
See me hollow, this manly core eaten out by the human curse,
See me filled, by you, mercy for a hopeless case.

See me broken, first in two, then more pieces,
Some for my mother, some for my father,
See me whole, like I should have been,
But only when you’ve seen all of me, as only you could have seen.