Music to my bones.

You’re like R&B at midnight,

Soft, enveloping, starting something,

And I like hands that listen when I say “Touch me, hold me, do everything to me,”

So don’t stop, with that rhythmic buttery kissing on my body like you haven’t seen me in weeks,

You make my knees weak (but I wasn’t standing to begin with),

Stretched out beneath you because you looking down at me means me rising up to meet you and us saving travel time in our world,

So we meet in the middle like we always do,

Touch noses then graze lips with lips like we always do,

I smile, you smile back, it’s the usual but it feels new,

It feels new sometimes.



Whenever you’re ready.

There you are, edited out of context,
Reduced to a footnote in your own life,
A minor character, a passerby,
Glanced at, maybe, but never taken in.

Who stole the spotlight on your stage,
Pulled the red carpet at your party,
Made you a stranger in your own home,
Hello, goodbye and not much else.

If you could take it all back and begin,
Would you start today without fear,
Or shrink back to stand still forever,
A statue on a lawn of moving people?

You’ll always have a choice, choose,
Power comes to those who move,
The options are waiting, wake up,
There’s no dream like living your life.



When goodbye is not enough.

I need a drug to forget,
How to call you when I’m falling apart.
Because what use is another ghost when I’m haunted,
There’s no company if no one is home.

Stop me from remembering,
The way your hands felt around my neck,
I’m already suffocating joylessly,
I don’t need a memory for that.

I need a drug to forget,
How to find you when I’m feeling lost.
My heart is a protractor, the page is full,
A thousand circles and you’re still not here.

Delete the echo of conversation,
Erase the path that takes me back to moments,
Drown the bottle and the message it carries,
Douse optimism in alcohol and let it burn.



Oreoluwa Fakorede

Oreoluwa Fakorede


God-chasing ex-sinner, dying to live. Content strategist and copywriter.