56 Seventh Graders

This was my my seventh grade math class. On this day, eight students were absent.

By Geoff Hunnicutt, Middle School Math Teacher from Beaverton, OR

Four years ago the Beaverton School District laid off more than 200 teachers due to a lack of adequate funding. This left me, a middle school teacher, teaching 56 seventh graders (and that was just one class!). I was stretched so thin that I could not possibly provide the one-on-one attention that those students deserved, and, unfortunately, these students’ math education suffered horribly as a result. The students that missed out the most were the special education students who really need much more personalized instruction.

Soon after these cuts, the Beaverton Voters approved a levy that helped to ease this horrible situation but did not solve the problem. Next year that levy is set to expire, and with cuts already coming, I fear we are in for a repeat situation.

I know that Beaverton is not unique in Oregon. If we do not increase school funding, students across the state will su er and will not be able to obtain the education they truly deserve.

Geoff Hunnicutt is a Middle School Math Teacher in Beaverton, OR. #OReducatorvoices