Health Care Matters

By Natalie Eberhard, High School Math Teacher from Crook County, OR

I am a high school mathematics teacher and have worked in middle schools for the last 17 years.

As a teacher, you are not always aware of the home situations of all of your students. Not because you don’t care, but because your students in need don’t always want to share their family’s struggles.

Recently I had a student who was usually very lively and talkative in class, but I started to notice that he was growing quieter and quieter in class and wanted to keep his head down more and more.

I kept him after class one day and discovered that his tooth had been hurting for several weeks. I called his home to check in that afternoon and his mother begged me to find help so her son could get dental care. She could not afford to take him to the dentist and could not find the support to do so.

No child should be without access to healthcare at school.

Natalie Eberhard is a high school math teacher in Crook County, Oregon.

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