Real World Science Inspires Students

By April Anderson, High School Science Teacher from Gresham, OR

“My name is April Anderson and this is my eighth year teaching high school science!I have always been very interested in science and love to be able to share that passion with my students every day.

One class I particularly enjoy teaching is Green Science. It has only been offered for a few years but it is a combination of chemistry and physics, set with a modern theme of green technology and innovation. We study everything from electric engines to new methods for creating biodegradable material.

The class is designed to increase students’ interest in science by teaching them about modern advances and a real world application of Green Science. Receiving adequate school funding will always be important to maintain some of these great classes, especially a class as modern as this one. Think about it, even in the last decade of electric cars, there have been drastic advances and new understandings of how the science works.

If I only receive new textbooks once every decade they will be out of date just a few years after I receive them so instead, I have turned to the internet. Our school doesn’t have enough computers for me to borrow regularly but thankfully almost all of the students have smartphones which allows me to be able to assign articles for them to read online.

There are some students that don’t have smartphones and are instead instructed to find a partner but this has been a great tool for me to keep the lessons relevant.

This last year I applied for a grant to receive iPads for my classroom and I didn’t get it, but I really believe this is helping the students learn so I’ll be sure to apply again next year!”

April Anderson is a high school science teacher in Gresham, OR.

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