Students Facing Struggles

By Lauren Richmond, Elementary School Teacher from Portland, OR

My name is Lauren Richmond and this is my third year teaching in the David Douglas School District. Our district is very diverse, with students speaking over 50 different languages!

My students are wonderful but some face so many disadvantages. Over 75% of the students in the district qualify for free or reduced lunch. Many families are facing struggles before the students even make it to school.These situations can look very different. Sometimes students have parents that are incarcerated. Others have a single parent who is working two or three jobs. In some situations, families are homeless. These stories break my heart because they can cause students to fall behind or develop serious behavioral issues.

We talk about wanting to improve graduation rates but with so many cuts to the education budget we have had to scale back important programs like our student achievement services. These are the programs that help students who fall behind and specifically assist with college/career planning.

Teachers here are doing everything we can for our students, but without more resources we cannot possibly provide the education that we wish we could.

Lauren Richmond is an elementary school teacher in the David Douglas School District.

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