Students In Crisis

By Alexandra Barragán, Second Grade Teacher from East Portland, OR

Our families in East Multnomah County have very limited access to wraparound services.

As a result, these services are available on a first come first serve basis only, and to find these resources, families have to actively (almost aggressively) seek them out.

This is particularly challenging for families who have to work multiple jobs, who work the night shift, who are single parent households, or for families that are homeless. In East Multnomah County schools, we have seen a growing need of mental health services and very few opportunities for access.

As a teacher, I should not have to tell parents who seek support for their children that they will have to get on a waitlist to receive services for trauma.

I should not have to tell a sole income provider, with no leave from their employment, that their child will not receive services because they cannot take the time off to meet with a mental health provider during the day.

We are in crisis here, and we have a duty to provide services to students in need.

Alejandra Barragán is a second grade teacher in Reynolds School District.

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