Who Really Controls Your Company? Board Meetings, Resolutions, Quorums and Voting Explained


When it comes to the control of a company, the Companies Act, 71 of 2008 (“the Act“) expressly provides that the business and affairs of a company must be managed by or under the direction of the board of directors (“the Board“). The Shareholders own the company and appoint the Board. When decisions need to be made on behalf of the company, the directors must pass different types of board resolutions. …

Should You Register a Trademark for Your New Business?


Many businesses fail to realise that in this information age, intangible assets are as valuable and important (if not more), as physical assets. Additionally, a common misconception by new business owners is that a registration of a company is enough to protect and secure the business name as a trade mark.

It is vital that business owners take the necessary steps to protect their intangible assets from unauthorised use. …

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