I’ve been a react dev for quite a while at this point. And for me it all started as a search for a new technology to power my personal projects. Years later — I’m working as a full-time React developer, and I can’t feel better about it.

That doesn’t mean that I’m not looking around, though. I’m the kind of person, who tries to find a perfect tool for the job, even if it might be not in my skillset (yet). And, obviously, Vue made a lot of buzz lately, so it was hard to pass by.

But every time…

So it all started with a friend of mine really struggling with building an app with authorization through Discord. And since I remember myself having a lot of trouble understanding oauth flow for a first time, I figured I could help out and write a simple guide for everyone struggling with the same thing.

This guide is really basic and is aimed at explaining only the core concepts of oauth2 flow.


First things first. Useful links:

Tools and tech used

Anton Orlov

Full-Stack JS Dev obsessed with React and Vue

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