Oh Weddings — Why Are Thou So Costly!!

(it doesn’t add up)

My name is Kyng Arthur, I am a Cameroon born young man. I was raised in France and now live in DC and have been in the DMV area pretty much since 5th grade. I’m 31yrs old and in the last 5 to 6 years I’ve been to between 2 to 4 weddings each year.

The wedding day in my opinion has DRASTICALLY changed from the time I was younger to now. Its meaning and importance over the years has severely declined in my eyes. What once was a meaningful day where two families were united under the eye of God, has now turned into a stunting affair that costs more than most people’s student loans! I went to a wedding last year that was $300K!!!! And no they were not royalty! Some regular doctor southern black folk getting married for $300K!! Lawd Fada! Help us ALL!!!

(when you see the bill for your wedding)

To me I think the thought of an “ideal” wedding is one that lasts and not one that costs $90K for a few hours of fun. I believe that the notion of price tags now dictates how “real” something is when it comes to weddings (especially for the woman more so than the man). I’ve heard in conversations women say “If he really loves me my ring will be $10K or more. It has to be 3 months of his salary! That’s real love” -__-

(what kind of rubbish)

Since when did $10K on a ring becomes the benchmark for my love!? The notion that one has to spend a certain amount to show you they care for you is completely absurd to me! BUT this has now become the norm in our society as to what young ladies should expect and some are bold enough to REQUEST such a thing. Insubordination if you ask me. Ladies, please concentrate on making sure the content of the man you’re dating is priceless and worry less about the worth of the diamond he gives, I beg…

(just saying)

My best wedding experience by far was the last wedding I went to this year which was in Turks and Caicos. It was a Nigerian and American wedding (Groom Naija, Bride USA). The simplicity of the wedding along with the natural beauty of Island really captivated the essence of what marriage, love and commitment is to me. It also really exemplified the type of love the couple had for one another. No one barely had shoes on from start to finish (My Loafers were on maybe 5mins all together). The food was very simple yet exquisite, the atmosphere was very light hearted and warm. The couple really made sure to invite true friends and very close family. I think all together it was maybe 50/60 people max. It was truly an incredible wedding.

(my friends wedding)

In closing I would just like to say that the epidemic of overpriced wedding ceremonies/reception really has to stop or at least keep the real goal in mind. A wedding is a symbol of the union made in front of family and under God’s blessing. You can get married in a park or at the Mandalay Bay, but unless you keep things in perspective and do the work neither marriage will prosper. Nowhere in the Bible does it say, “if thou gets married for under $35,000 thou wedding shall perish!! — — Corinthians 15:never”. Please folk keep the right things in mind. Love your man, love your woman, honor your family and most of all praise his name and always treat other with love and kindness.

-Kyng Arthur

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