Before you think about butterflies and hurricanes, try something more concrete: Will reading this article change the way I build my startup, my product, my business plan?

If the following question raises a few doubts, this article might be exactly what you need:

Do you feel confident your startup will make it over the next hurdle?

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What’s that got to do with anything? Look closer and keep reading…

Basic: The initial conditions

This article itself is part of your so-called “initial conditions”. The question is which initial conditions will yield optimal results? So let me backtrack a little for those of you who are not exactly familiar with chaos theory.

A chaotic system is defined by its sensitivity to initial conditions. it means that if I change slightly the initial conditions and get a large change in the final outcome, then my system is chaotic, and vice versa. …


Oren Gartzman

Perpetual Thinking and Building, Now @ eXturn

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