What We Talk About, When We Don’t Talk About Natives
Dia Lacina

A game came out that actually tried to be inclusive in their characters. It had a lot of wonderful, powerful feminine heroines… and yet there is still criticism about something that is actually very accurate in human history. Those terms show human beings can and have been cruel by using terms to bring others down. That struggle is an IMPORTANT part to the story and part of the struggle the heroine has to go through to become stronger despite all of it. What you’re calling for is a completely happy fairy tale with no insults. How do you expect to make a good story without the struggle part? If someone wrote a book about someone being happy all their lives and not experiencing anything bad, then no one would buy this because it’s highly inaccurate of what people are like and what they go through.

First, people complain there isn’t enough inclusion and as soon as it finally happens now suddenly there is culture appropriation. People are never satisfied. If you dislike a game, don’t play it or make your own. I don’t understand it… This game is AMAZING in every sense. The story is amazing, the characters are amazing, the graphics are amazing. Yet people bash the developers each and every time.

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