Thank you for the piece.

Why would they apologize? It’s like asking an artist to change their work of art because YOU feel it could be better. Game developers and artists are creating something from their OWN imaginations. They sell it to those who are interested. If you do not find it interesting or offensive, then DON’T buy it. People these days are so entitled that they feel they can make companies do anything they please… that is NOT how things work. If you like it, you buy it. If you don’t like it, don’t buy. If enough people disagree with it, the company will go bankrupt. But this game did phenomenally for a reason. People enjoyed it and weren’t looking for racism or culture appropriation because you really have to go into it with such a negative mindset to find these things that it’s almost ridiculous… The company actually attempted to be more inclusive and people STILL complain. People will ALWAYS complain. Such a shame.

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