It seriously warmed my heart to see Meetup taking a stand like this.
Damon Muma

You assume anyone who supports Trump is full of hatred and that is flat-out an illogical assumption to make. I am not hateful and am very accepting of people. I am a minority and I encourage debate, not violence. What Meetup is doing is encouraging divisiveness by supporting one side and not the other. What they have in their article IS misinformation as it is not a ban on religion. There are 46 other muslim majority countries that are NOT on the ban list. For them to claim it is a war on religion is spreading their OPINION, not facts. Their intention may seem good, but they are making villains of people who are not villains. I know many Trump supporters and many Hillary supporters and I have found that both sides can be loving but many of the people I know who lean left do not want to debate. They take offense instead. Getting offended does nothing to make a point. If you feel someone is wrong, debate them with facts, not feelings. I encourage anyone to prove someone else wrong when an idea cannot stand on it’s own. There have already been too many riots and violence caused by people who are “resisting” Trump’s presidency. So, for you to say that the word “resist” is not a violent word, is completely an opinion and it is. Your comment has left me wondering if you’ve seen the news on all the riots and how someone was even left in a coma because they were beaten for wanting to attend a speak by a Trump supporter. “Resistance” has always been used for rebel groups in history… What Meetup is doing is clearly causing divisiveness. Read the comments and you will see that it is not inciting love, but resentment for their assumptions that everyone who doesn’t agree with them is somehow hateful.